Disappointment for the boys!

Our boys’ rounders team set off for Emo G.A.A. Club on Wednesday, 14th of June to take part in the boys’ rounders league.  They had trained really hard during lunchtimes and after school and were full of hope and excitement!

During the course of the day they played matches against the Heath, Mountrath and Killeen.  The boys played really well as a team and the teachers were so proud of them.  They listened to the referee and showed respect for themselves and for other teams.

They really tried their best but unfortunately they didn’t make it to the final next week. 

The girls will be competing in their final next Wednesday so the training still continues for another while yet!  The boys wish the girls all the best next week! 



Lee Smyth, John Murphy, Aaron Dooley, Eoin o Brien McCormack, John Hrisconischi, Daniel Samuel, Olegs Belovs, Abdul Malik Olusekun, Ashraful Hossain, Bola Atanda, Adam Sutton, and Jonathon Vyravan

Team Captain:  Aaron Dooley

Vice Captain:  Jonathon Vyravan