Dance Off!

On the 1/5/19 we as part of P.E we participated in a dance off in the classroom. We pushed back all the tables so that there was a big open space in the middle of the room for us to dance. It was a lot of fun.

First, we had a warm-up dance. It was the Cha Cha Slide. After that we danced to a range of different hip-hop songs, some very old and some newer ones.

Then our teacher asked us if we wanted to do a competition and we all replied yes. We all had to choose our own groups of 2-4 people but teacher got to choose the song we had to dance to. Everyone had great moves and really enjoyed it.

After all the groups had a turn, we then had to vote to see which two groups were going to be in the final. It was a girl group versus a boys group. They all danced brilliantly but in the end it was the boys who won. They won a sweet and a Dojo point.

It was a lot of fun and we learnt some really cool moves.

By Heather and Lily