2nd Class: 20th April 2020

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

We hope you all had a lovely Easter and that you are keeping safe in these difficult weeks. The Second Class teachers are really missing all of the boys and girls and we really hope that we get to see each other soon.

In the box below, we have outlined a programme of work for this week. There is absolutely no pressure to complete all of these activities. Most of the work is very similar to what we have been doing in class. Therefore, the children will be able to complete many of these activities independently. We do not want to add any extra stress on you, so please only do what suits you and your child.

How to contact the Second Class teachers:

  • Use the following email address: secondclasswork@scoil-bhride.com
  • Here, you can ask us any questions you may have about your child’s work.
  • You can also use this email address to send us photos of your child’s work.
  • When sending photos of work, please include your child’s name and his/her teacher’s name. We will then be able to correct it/ give feedback on this. You could include this information in the subject line at the top of the email.

We will be answering these emails on a daily basis, so please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Suggested Daily Timetable

1 – English


Do 1 x comprehension everyday (Monday- Thursday).

Read the comprehension carefully and answer the five questions into your English copy.


Unit 27- Do one activity/ half a page each day. You can even get someone at home to give you a Spellings Test at the end of the week!

Free Writing

Use your Free Writing copy to keep a diary and write about your time at home. Use the pictures below to help you with your writing.

2 – Maths

Operations Maths Book

Do pages 107,108 & 109


Click on the picture below to sign into your Mathletics. Do the activities that have been assigned by your teacher. You can also email the teacher to get an update on your child’s gold bars!

Mental Maths

Do the 10 daily questions. You can use the hundred square below, if yours is still in school. For the problem solving questions, use the R.U.D.E.S strategy to help you solve any word problems.

3 – Irish / Gaeilge


Watch the video below and listen to the conversation about a picture that Ruairi has drawn.

Writing Activities

What is the missing word on Page 79? Write each sentence on a page or in a copy. Practise your spellings too!

Song Time

Can you sing along to this song? The lyrics are on the screen.

4 – Science


After watching the video, see if you can find 5 magnetic items around your house.

You could draw a picture of these items and email it to your teacher.

5 – Religion

Theme 8 Lesson 1 “I am always with you”

Can you solve the puzzle?
Listen to the song

Do Pg 44 & 45

6 – P.E.

•	Jo Wicks is doing daily P.E. Lessons.
Can you complete a workout with Jo Wicks?

7 – Music – Singing with Nuala

Click the picture of Nuala to find out this weeks song with Nuala and sing along with the lyrics