2nd Class: 11th May 2020

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

We hope you all had a lovely, relaxing week off. In normal circumstances, this week would have been a really special week for the boys and girls in 2nd Class. We would have been very busy going to the church and the excitement levels would have been very high. We are thinking of all of the children and their families this week. On Friday, there will be a special mass for the children that can be viewed on the church webcam. The details are below.

Keep sending emails and photos of your child’s work. We really miss them so much and it is so lovely to be able to connect with them. You can send an email, photo or even just a “hello” to secondclasswork@scoil-bhride.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Ms. Lanigan, Ms. Fogarty, Ms. Mc Mahon, Ms. Martin, Mrs. Troy, Mrs. Kelly, Ms. Keyes

Special Mass for 2nd Class children in Scoil Bhride

On Friday morning at 10 o’clock, there will be a special mass for the children in Scoil Bhride, that were due to make their First Holy Communion. Today would have been a very exciting day in school for all of the boys and girls. We are thinking of you all and saying a special prayer for you. Click on the picture below to watch the mass on the webcam.

Suggested Timetable

If you would like to print this, click on the timetable below.

1 – English


Do 1 x comprehension everyday (Monday- Thursday).

Read the comprehension carefully and answer the five questions into your English copy.


Unit 29- Do one activity/ half a page each day.

Quiz Time

Take this Kahoot quiz to test yourself on this week’s Spellings. Click on the picture below to start the quiz! Use your full name.

Starlight- Oral Language

Watch the short video and answer the four questions. You can write your answers down or else discuss it with an adult at home.

Can you name two books that were written by Roald Dahl?

Do you have a favourite author? Why are they your favourite?

Do you think it’s a good idea to make books into movies? Why?

What is special about the dog in “The Rover Adventures”?

2 – Maths

Maths Videos

Get your whiteboard or a sheet ready, before you press play!

Operations Maths School Book

Do pages 110, 111, 112, 113, 114


Click here to get started on your Gold Bars and Live Mathletics!

Did you see the “Top 10 Mathletes” of the week on the school website? Let’s get 2nd class on the list this week! We can do it!

To make the list, you have to earn lots of points. You can do this by doing your assigned activities AND Live Mathletics.

Mental Maths

Pg 64-65- Do the 10 daily questions.

There are a lot of fraction questions in your Mental Maths this week. Watch the video below, before you start your Mental Maths. It is a great story about fair shares (and pizza!).

3 – Irish / Gaeilge

Lesson 1

Lesson 2 A

Lesson 2 B

Written activities

Our workbooks are still in school. Why not try these sentences in a copy or on a sheet.

4 – Science

The Lifecycle of a Butterfly

Writing Task

Kahoot Quiz Time

How many facts can you remember from the video? Click on the picture below to play the Kahoot quiz!

5 – Religion

Theme 8 Lesson 3 “Go and Share the Good News”

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3


Watch the videos before you complete the pages in your workbook.


May is the month that we celebrate Mary. We would love if you thought of Mary this week, by saying the “Hail Mary” prayer each time you pray.

6 – P.E.

Get ready to feel nice and relaxed….

7 – Music – Singing with Nuala

This week’s song is one of the first videos we learned this year! It is one our favourites. A big thank you to Nuala for sending us videos every week.