2nd Class: 25th May 2020

Hello Parents/Guardians,

Here’s to another healthy week for us and our families.

This week, let’s sprinkle a little laughter into our week of learning 🙂 We have posted some jokes on our sliders above, hoping they bring a smile to the children’s faces. What we really hope to do is connect with the children in a fun way, separate to our teaching/learning messages. So, with that in mind, we would love for the children to share with us a joke (or few!) via our email and bring a grin or giggle to our day! Could there be a comedian waiting to be discovered!?

As with other weeks, you can find a ‘Guideline of Work’ set out below. Keep in mind, this is a suggested guideline. Please, do what family life allows during these times.

We really appreciate you keeping in contact with us as we think of the children every day. We are eager to say ‘hello’ to them and offer help and feedback to their work. As usual, you can send us a message and photos of work, via secondclasswork@scoil-bhride.com.

Looking forward to the giggles this week 🙂

Ms. Lanigan, Ms. Fogarty, Ms. Mc Mahon, Ms. Martin, Mrs. Troy, Mrs. Kelly, Ms. Keyes

Something exciting is happening this week…

All of the boys and girls in 2nd Class have been invited to make a video for the “School’s Out Summer Concert”. Let’s get practising! Check out all of the details here. 🙂

Suggested Timetable

If you would like to print this, click on the timetable below.

Some fun activities for you…

1 – English


Read the comprehension carefully and answer the questions into your English copy. See the timetable for suggested daily work.


Unit 31- Do one activity/ half a page each day.

Quiz Time

How well do you know your Spellings this week? Take the Kahoot Spelling Quiz- remember to use your full name!

Writing- Poetry

Use the pictures below to help you write a “Summer Shape Poem”. You can pick the sun or the ice-pop template.

2 – Maths

Operations Maths

Do At Home Book Pg 44 & School Book Pg 119, 120, 121


Click here to get earn more points!

Well done to all of the boys and girls that are working hard on their Mathletics!

2nd Class made it to the Hall of Fame! Let’s keep 2nd Class on the list. 🙂

Mental Maths

Pg 68-69: Do the 10 daily questions. We are really proud of how you are doing in your Mental Maths. Well done!

3 – Irish / Gaeilge

Monday & Tuesday

Wednesday & Thursday

Written activities

Write these sentences in a copy or on a sheet. You can print Page 92 or draw your own picture of the story.

4 – S.P.H.E.

Recipe For A Special Family

Writing Task

💜 Pick one of the templates below to help you write your recipe for a special family. 💜

5 – Religion

Theme 9 Lesson 2 “God wants us to be happy”

Video 1 & 2

After watching the two videos, complete the following tasks.

In your workbook, do pages 52 & 53

Draw a picture of what you think the “Garden of Eden” looked like.

Listen to the song “Gifts From God”.

Draw a picture of/ Send a photo of one of your gifts from God (talents).

6 – Music – Singing with Nuala

This week, the song ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ features a very special guest who you will all love to see – yes, it’s a certain dabbing owl by the name of ‘Hooter’. The second video has two echo songs for everyone to enjoy. 

7 – P.E.

Welcome to the Zen Den. Make sure you are in a comfortable spot before you begin.