3rd Class: 11th May 2020

Hi boys and girls in 3rd class,

We hope that everyone is keeping well and enjoyed the week free from school work last week. We would love to hear about the fun activities you did with your family at home.

We are including a programme of work for you to do this week. We have been working so hard that we are now finished our Read at Home 3 book! So, we have selected some lovely comprehensions that we think you will enjoy instead. We hope that you are all taking the chance to do lots of reading!

We look forward to seeing some more of your work this week. Please send photos and we will answer your emails.

Use the following email address: thirdclasswork@scoil-bhride.com

It is very important to remember that this is just a suggested outline of work for next week and there is no pressure to complete it all. Please only do what you and your child are comfortable with. We do not wish to put additional stress on anyone at this time.

Stay safe and keep well!

Ms Lanham, Mr Wall, Ms Carroll, Ms Fleming, Mr Bartley, Ms McCarthy, Mr Mulligan and Mr Monaghan.

Suggested Daily Timetable

Below is a suggested timetable of work for each day. Hopefully, you will find it helpful.



Do 1 x comprehension everyday (Monday- Thursday) and answer the questions in your copy.

Read the poem out loud on Friday and discuss.

Monday + Tuesday

Read this comprehension both days and answer Q1-5 on Monday and Q6-10 on Tuesday

Wednesday + Thursday

Read this comprehension both days and answer Q1-4 on Wednesday and Q5-8 on Thursday

Friday Poem

Read the poem aloud and answer the questions orally (or in your copy if you prefer).


Do one activity each day. Do the weekly spelling record on Friday at the back of the book.


Write a recount about your week off during Lockdown


Watch this video if you haven’t used Kahoot before

Now it’s Kahoot time! Give the quiz a go.

2 – Maths – Decimals

Look at each picture to see how to do the tasks in the Operation Maths book.

Operations Maths Book

Activities on pages 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 53 & 54


Click on the picture to sign into your account.

3 – Irish / Gaeilge

Watch the videos each day and listen to the conversation.


Workbook Activities on pages 115, 116, 117, 118 & 119

4 – S.E.S.E – Science

Have a look at the page below……

5 – S.E.S.E – History

The Great Famine in Ireland.

Read these pages and then write a short diary entry on ‘The life of a child during the Famine’.

Q. Do you think this illustration shows rich or poor people?

Q. Where are they trying to gain access to?

Q. Why do you think they want to get in?

Q. How do you think they are feeling?

Maybe you could do some online research and find out if there were any famine workhouses in Co. Laois?

6 – Music

Have fun learning how to beatbox with Dale McKay!!

7 – P.E.