3rd Class: 18th May 2020

Hi to everyone in 3rd class,

Thank you all for continuing to engage with online learning this past week. We love to hear from you and really welcome your emails with your work and telling us what you are doing with your family.

You probably know that we will be unable to see you in person before the end of the year. We are really sad about this but we are still your teachers and really want to keep in touch with you so keep sending those emails!

A big thank you to the children for sending in your Creative Heart artwork. It was lovely to see all the fun activities and new skills you have been learning at home We hope you enjoy seeing all efforts published to our website gallery!

We have set some new work for next week. Do what you can, when you can! We remain available for contact and feedback during school hours. Please, remember to include your child’s name and their teacher’s name in the subject line.

Use the following email address: thirdclasswork@scoil-bhride.com

Don’t forget to do your Mathletics and maybe you will get on the Scoil Bhride Hall of Fame and be one of the top 10 Mathletes of the Week! Huge congratulations to James, Usman , Marvellous and Tosia  from Third Class who all appeared in the top 10 last week!

Stay safe and keep well!

Ms Lanham, Mr Wall, Ms Carroll, Ms Fleming, Mr Bartley, Ms McCarthy, Mr Mulligan and Mr Monaghan.

Suggested Daily Timetable

Below is a suggested timetable of work for each day. Hopefully, you will find it helpful.



Do 1 x comprehension everyday (Monday- Thursday) and answer the questions in your copy.

Complete the activity on Friday in your copy or on a sheet.

Monday + Tuesday

Read this comprehension both days and answer Q1-5 on Monday and Q6-10 on Tuesday.

Wednesday + Thursday

Read this comprehension both days and answer Q1-4 on Wednesday and Q5-8 on Thursday.

Friday Activity

Can you think of a Summer word for each letter of the alphabet? Write it in your copy.


Do one activity each day. Do the weekly spelling record on Friday at the back of the book.

Procedural Writing

Title: ‘How To Make a Ham Sandwich’

Don’t forget to check your Procedural writing checklist to make sure you have included everything and followed the correct layout.


Watch this video if you haven’t used Kahoot before

Click here for this week’s quiz. Please type in your full name instead of a nickname!

2 – Maths – Money

Watch these videos which explain how to add and subtract money using the column method

Adding Money using Column Addition

Subtracting Money using Column Subtraction (without & with regrouping)

Operations Maths Book

Activities on pages 55, 56, 57, 58


Click on the picture to sign into your account.

If you need any help with your Numeracy work, you can click the picture below. Also remember, your teacher is just an email away!

3 – Irish / Gaeilge

Watch the videos each day and listen to the conversation.





Workbook Activities on pages 120, 121, 122 & 123

4 – S.E.S.E – Geography

Topic: Australia

Watch this video to learn about Australia

Now read some interesting facts about the country and answer the questions below


1.What is Australia’s nickname?

2. If I was in a shop in Australia, what money would I need to have?

3. What is one third of Australia made up of?

4. Can you name three animals that I would find in Australia?

5. Why do people in Australia love the outdoors?

6. Can you name the most popular city in Australia?

7. Where would you see lots of beautiful fish?

8. Who were the first people to arrive in Australia?

9. Would you like to visit Australia? Tell me why or why not.

5 – Religion

Read the pages to learn about Pentecost

6 – Music

Sing along with Nuala to this song from a very famous Disney movie – Do you know what it is?

7 – P.E.

Try these… and show us how good you are getting!

Have you completed any of Joe’s sessions this week?