4th Class: 25th May 2020

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Hello everyone! We really hope you are keeping well and staying safe.

Keep sending emails and photos of your child’s work. We really miss them so much and it is so lovely to be able to connect with them. You can send an email, photo or even just a “hello” to fourthclasswork@scoil-bhride.com.

We really hope to see you all soon!

Until then take care,

Ms. Fitzpatrick, Ms. Kennedy , Ms. O’Sullivan, Ms. Rafter,  Mr. Stapleton, Mr. Monaghan, Ms. Delaney and Ms. Moynan

Suggested Timetable

If you would like to print this, click on the timetable below.

1 – English


Do 1 x comprehension (Monday-Wednesday).

Read the comprehension carefully and answer the five questions into your English copy.

Spellings Workbook

List 30 – Do pages 64 + 65


Log in to the epic website www.getepic.com or download the epic app to gain access to some cool online books . We have assigned some books for you all to read.

Use the student login and use the code lit8586


When You’re Going To The Moon by Sasha Beekman

Listen to this story and then …

Draw and list what you would pack to bring to the moon. Give reasons for each item you choose.

Free Writing

Pick one of these for your FREE WRITING idea!

2 – Maths

Operations Maths School Book

Do these pages into your copy

Mental Maths

Pg 95-97- Continue to do one daily


Click here to check out the Hall of Fame and see who is on it!

Did you see the “Top 10 Mathletes” of the week on the school website? Let’s get more 4th class on the list this week! We can do it!

To make the list, you have to earn lots of points. You can do this by doing your assigned activities AND Live Mathletics.

TRY each of these online games out!

3 – Irish / Gaeilge

Léigh agus scríobh na bhfreagraí.

Lesson 1

Lesson 3

Lesson 2

Lesson 4

4 – STEM Challenge

Design and make a new creature based on these criteria.

Create a creature that has never been seen before.

Your creature lives in the Amazon rainforest.

Your creature must camouflage with the rainforest.

It must measure at least 10cm in height.

Your creature must have at least one of the following features – a tail, beak, fur or scales.

Your creature must be able to defend itself from other animals.

Your creature must have one superpower.

Watch this story to get some inspiration…

5 – SESE

1. Watch the First Moon Walk

2) Here is a Kahoot! based on the video! We will be very impressed if you can get all the answers

6 – Geography

Shadow Puppets

What you need
 Card or paper to draw your puppet
 Sticky and sticky tape
 White paper
 Scissors
 Torch/Light source

What to do

1. Draw your shadow puppet and attach it to the stick.

2. Hold a torch directly above the piece of paper. Put the
puppet in front of the torch. Move the puppet closer to
the torch. Then move it further away.

3. Write about what happens to shadow when you move it
closer to and then further away from the torch e.g.
I noticed that the shadow…

We would really love to see your creations!!

7 – Religion

Listen to the song Magnificat which praises Mary our Mother and the Lord.

8 – Art

Art for Kids Hub drawing lessons

Try some of these activities! Send us your pics of how it went.

9 – P.E.

Take a look at these videos and improve your football skills!

10 – S.P.H.E.

Do you know what a gratitude jar is? Listen to this story and then make your own at home!