Helpful Tools for Home

Below, you will find a variety of Maths resources that will hopefully help your child at home during this period. Remember, you can always email us at if you have any questions. The children have been doing such great Maths work recently- keep up the super work at home!

Useful Strategies

There are lots of ways to solve a sum.

Number Bonds to 10

Number bonds to 10 can help us with solving sums too!


Use can use doubles to help you with your counting.

Hundred Squares

Use a hundred square to help you with addition and subtraction.

Mathletics Tips for Parents

Mathletics uses a traffic light system to show children’s achievement in each activity. Activities completes with a score of 85% or more will show green. Your child can see which activities they need to practise a little more by looking for any with an orange indicator- meaning they scored 50-84%. Activities that show in red mean that they will need some extra help.

If your child finds a question difficult, remind them that there is button on the right hand side or each question. It looks like an information button, with “i” as the symbol. When they click the “i” button, it will open up some support to help them with the question. Remember, you can also email the teacher, if you need any assistance with this.

Mathletics is full of great additional learning activities that make learning Maths fun. In the “Play” area, children have access to Live Mathletics, Multiverse, Playpaws and Rainforest Maths. The children have played Live Mathletics in school. The aim of this game is to improve your score every time you play. You can play against others too.