Junior Infants: 11th May

Dear parents,
We hope you and your children enjoyed our week of fun activities last week. We also hope the children enjoyed the little art activity that was set. Don’t worry if they didn’t get a chance to finish it yet or if you didn’t get a chance to send it in to us. You still have plenty of time.
We have put together a new set of work for the coming week. As always, please just do what is manageable for your household and your child. If you have any questions about the work, please do not hesitate to contact us by email – juniorinfantwork@scoil-bhride.com
We are so pleased with the huge amount of work that is being done at home during this time. We completely understand how stressful it is but from what we have seen from the work that has been sent in, you and your child are doing a fantastic job!! 
Please let the children know we really miss them and we are thinking of them a lot.
Kind regards,
Junior Infants teachers. 

Maths- Addition

After watching the video, could you try and find some things at home that you could count and add together? You could also complete the worksheet if you would like to print it.

Maths – 2D Shapes

After watching the video of Bert and Ernie, could you find some things in your house that are shaped like a circle, a square, a rectangle or a triangle? You could draw a picture of the things that you find and email them to your teacher.

Maths – Number Formation

Click on the picture to bring you to the rhymes!


After watching the PowerPoint above, can you practise writing some numbers on your own? It would be a good idea to pick one number a day to practise writing. Click on the number to open the worksheet. You can print off the worksheet if you like.

Maths – Shopping Game using Money

Literacy – Narrative Writing

Literacy – Handwriting

Literacy- Rhyme

Try saying the rhymes fast or slow like a snail. Make your voice loud or soft or say them in a funny voice. Add actions with your hands and fingers.  

Literacy- Tricky Words

Click on the picture above to see the list of tricky words and words that you can sound out!

Tricky Word Reveal– this game requires two pieces of paper. Write a word from the list on a piece of paper. Then, cover the word completely with the other piece of paper. Slowly, reveal the first letter of the word. Ask your child if they can guess what the word will be from looking at the first letter. Then move on to reveal the next letter etc.

Tricky Word Hunt- you could write a few of these words on pieces of paper and stick them up in a room in the house. Call out one of the words and your child can go and search for it.

Tricky Word Toss- this is a game that can be played outside but could also be played indoors. Write a few tricky words on pieces of paper. Spread them out on the grass.
Ask your child to throw something soft e.g. a ball/ an orange etc. onto a word. They then run out to the word that they landed on and they try to read it.

I Spy- similar to the “Tricky Word Hunt”. You could have a few words stuck up in a room. Tell your child ‘I spy a word beginning with t’, ‘I spy a word ending in e’ etc.

Gaeilge/ Irish

Watch the videos and listen to the conversations

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Listen to the song. Try to sing along.

Science – Signs of Spring

This video of Mrs. Redmond’s tree was taken two weeks ago. Here is a picture of the same tree today the 8th May 2020.


After hearing the story, draw a picture of what happened in the story and send it to your teacher.

Geography- Signs of Summer

Watch the Powerpoint.

After looking at the PowerPoint I wonder could you go and search for signs of summer in your garden? You could draw a picture of the things you find and email it to your teacher.

Art- Drawing

This week, you will learn how to draw a daisy flower. Have a try and send a picture of your masterpiece to your teacher. Are there any daisy flowers growing in your garden? Go take a look!


Can you complete this Cosmic Yoga?


After watching the video, you can colour and create your own stained glass window of Mary, Jesus’ mother.

During the month of May, we remember and pray to Mary. Click on the image and see how you can make a May alter at home to remember Mary.

Click on the picture to listen to the song to remember Mary.

A message from Ms. Quinn and Ms. Cleary

Hello everyone,

We hope you enjoyed the fun activities last week. This week we are doing some more work but you can still have fun and only do what suits you on the day. A little more revision and simple activities.

Keep safe and well,

         Ms Quinn and Ms Cleary.

Phonics Revision – Letter ‘t’

Click on the picture below to see some Phonics Activities you can do at home.

Tricky Word Games

Click on the picture below to see some Tricky Word games.

Maths Games

Click on the picture below to play some Maths games.