Senior Infants: 18th May

Hi girls, boys, Mums and Dads,

We hope that you and your family are continuing to stay healthy and well. Well done to all the children for the fabulous and creative work which they have been doing at home.  Thank you for sending in all those pictures of your work. We love to see how busy you have been and how much you have been learning. There are lots more activities for you to do again this week. We hope you enjoy doing them. Again, we remind you that this work is optional – do what you can, when you can. Please, ask us any questions and feel free to contact us using the email address below.

Our email is:

  • Please use this to make contact with us if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s work.
  • You can also take photos of your child’s work and send it to us. Please include your child’s name and their teacher’s name on it.
  • You could include this information on the subject line at the top of the email.
  • We will then be able to correct it and give feedback.

We will be answering these emails on a daily basis, so please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Thanking you all!

Senior Infant Teachers


Suggested Timetable

Below, you will find a daily timetable of work. Please remember that this is only a suggested timetable. You do not have to complete all of the activities, but hopefully, you will find it helpful. Click on the picture to print the timetable.

Literacy- Phonics th and th

Task- Watch these videos and write down 5 words for each of the sounds th and th

Literacy- Reading

Click on the pictures to read these stories with your child.

If your child is a beginning or early reader, take turns reading with them using some of these strategies:

My Turn Your Turn. You take turns reading a paragraph of page.

Choral Reading. You read at the same time.

Echo Reading. You read first and your child echoes the same sentence or paragraph you just read.

Act It Out. You act out the story together or pretend to be characters in the story and read the lines.

It’s Earth Day Dear Dragon
A House in a Tree

Watch this clip and practise reading your pink Tricky Words with Miss Sparks: put, their, should, could, would, saw, made, right, goes, does, four, two

Ask your child to put these words into a sentence orally!

Literacy- Writing

Encourage your child to write about anything they like. Use a copy or any sheet of paper. If they wanted, they could write about our new Aistear theme, “The Summer Time”, using this writing frame.


Recount Writing

Write a Recount about a game you played at home OR something you did/played outside your home. This template on page 26 of your Word Wizard will give you ideas about how to write your recount. You can write your Recount in a copybook or on a page

Literacy – Word Wizard

Word Wizard– Please complete pages 72 & 73. (If your child has these pages already completed, please pick another two).

Literacy – Handwriting

 ‘Just Handwriting’  – Xx on pg 40 and Revision on pg 25 (if you have these pages done pick another 2).
You can also practice Xx in your small handwriting book.

Literacy – Oral Language/ Aistear

Our theme at the moment is “Summer”

Listen and enjoy “The Singing Walrus” singing about all the things he likes to do in the summer, on the link below.

When you finish watching the video please discuss all the things that you and your child like about summer-time.

Then read the story together. It’s called “And then comes Summer

Go on a walk of your local area and look for signs of summer and take some photos of these.

Learn the names of some common flowers and plants.

What is the weather like in summer?

Design a summer outfit.

Paint / draw a picture of a summer day

Design and draw an ice-cream of different flavours to help you stay cool in hot weather.

Numeracy- Counting

Edco have given out a free username and password for parents to access “Operation Maths for Senior Infants”.
Username – primaryedcobooks
Password – edco2020    

Some counting ideas for at home!

Count forwards 0-20

Count backwards 20-0

Start at any number and get them to count on to 20

Start at any number and count back to 0

Pick a number between 0-20 and ask your child what number comes before and after.

Try this Count and Snap Game: Count forwards clapping in time, then count backwards snapping fingers in time.

Numeracy – Money

Show the following coins to your child- 1c 2c 5c 10c 20c

Examine the size, colour, similarities and differences between these coins.

Can your child name them?

Can you play any matching games with the coins?

Have a go at the following page!

Numeracy – Number Work

Click on the pictures below to take you to some really fun online counting games!

Numeracy – Number Work – Addition

Have a go at these two pages.


Log into your Mathletics account and complete the activities assigned.

Once that is done TRY ‘Mathletics Live’.

Click on the picture to sign in

Gaeilge/ Irish

Click on the videos below to hear the conversations and songs

S.E.S.E – Hunting For Minibeasts

There are lots of mini-creatures to be found around our homes. Go on a hunt and see how many you can find. A good place to start is by lifting a stone or an old flower-pot! You’d never know what you might find under there!! Have a look at this sheet – it might help you…. Good luck!

S.E.S.E – Science

Have a look at the video about Floating and Sinking. What items could float in the water and what items could sink? What materials were these items made from?

Do an experiment yourself and see what floats and what sinks?

Fill a bowl with water and find a variety of objects in your home or outside- these could be cutlery, ball, brick, lego piece, stone, plastic toy, money coins or whatever you can find.

Before you start- Predict whether the item will float or sink.

Experiment with each item one-by-one. As you place them in the water, watch what happens.

To Finish- Record by drawing- items that sank and items that floated.

Use this Activity Sheet to help you, if you like!

S.E.S.E – Bird Watching

These days we can hear lots of birds singing when we open our windows or when we head outdoors. This video from Dublin Zoo helps us to recognise what some of these birds look like (blackbird, bullfinch, blue-tit & robin)  and what their songs sound like- it’s really cool. Have a look at it first and then listen carefully outside.

Maybe you could even build a little bird bath and fill it with some water and you’d never know what thirsty birds you might see then. If you see any birds in your garden, take a photo and send it to us!!

Here’s some ideas, on youtube, of how to make a very simple bird-bath.

Keeping Active – Ball Skills


Bounce the ball on the floor- move your leg over it- catch the ball.

Switch legs and see if you can do it 5 times.

Bounce the ball around an imaginary circle- first with your right hand, then with your left.

Bounce the ball around your body, ideally without moving. First with your right hand, then with your left.

Watch the video above and then try these activities with a basketball or any ball


Use your hand as a template for drawing some simple animal pictures.
This video will show you exactly how to do it- it’s really easy. There are lots of animals to draw but you can pick 1 or 2 of them…..have fun.

Garden Art

Now, go outside again and see if you can do some Garden Art. Gather together lots of sticks, stones, daisies, dandelions, leaves, flowers and lots more. Arrange these to make a picture on the grass or on a page, whichever suits you. Remember, we’d love to see some of your pictures so take a photo and send it to us. Here’s a few ideas of what you could try


Sing along with Nuala on the Music Generation section, on the main page, of the Scoil Bhride Web-site.

Senior Infants can join in the Early Years Programme- “Warm-up and Coming Round the Mountain”!!

R.E. – Baptism

Watch the following video with your child and chat about baptism- going to the church, the priest, baby, parents, family, godparents, the baptismal font, the symbols and meaning of holy water, oil, white clothing / garments, the baptismal candle.

 You could look at photos of your child’s Christening/Baptism. You could discuss this page with your child about their Christening/Baptism.

Morning Prayer- please revise at home each day.

Father in Heaven, you love me, you are with me night and day. I want to love you always, In all I do and say. I’ll try to please you Father. Bless me through the day. Amen.

Night Prayer- please revise at home each night.

God, our Father, I come to say, thank you for your love today. Thank you for my family, and all the friends you give to me. Guard me in the dark of night and in the morning send your light. Amen.

You can now log in to our school Religion programme by visiting use the email: and password: growinlove to access more.