2nd Class: 22nd June

A big “Hello” from our ‘2nd Class Hub’,

It is here!!! Our final week of suggested work tasks! 🙂

Not only that, but because you are missing out on our in-school Sports Day this June, we have put together a “Virtual Sports Day” for you to have some fun with.

Below, you can find your LAST ‘Guideline of Work’! Any message and photos of work may be sent to us via secondclasswork@scoil-bhride.comWe will be available for corrections and feedback until June 30th.

A message from us to you.

We, the second class teachers, would like to take this opportunity to give a very big and well deserved round of applause to Scoil Bhride’s little heroes who have carried on, despite all that is going on. It has been such a difficult task for the children to stay learning, not only outside of the school building but, at home! Everyone is so proud of them. A very sincere “Thank You” and “Well Done” to you the parents/guardians, who also took on a huge task whilst juggling everything else; your home, your family and your work. We entered unchartered waters back in March and waded our way through it together. Your support has meant everything to us as teachers.

So, now that school is nearly officially out for Summer, we hope that you and the children begin to officially unwind from the busy schedules of the past 3 months. We would like to say 3 final words we are sure you have been looking forward to…

“Enjoy the holidays!” 🙂

A message to the children…

💜 Click on the picture below to read a special message from your teacher. 💜

Ms. Lanigan, Ms. Fogarty, Ms. Mc Mahon, Ms. Martin, Mrs. Troy, Mrs. Kelly, Ms. Keyes

Suggested Timetable

Some exciting news for you….

The “Big Name Reveal”

Thank you to everyone who sent us a name suggestion for this little koala. It was a tough choice! We can now reveal that he has been named……

  Joey! 🙂  

Well Done Charlie O’ Brien.

Scoil Bhride’s Virtual Sports Day.

Before you get started…

⭐ There will be a prize for the best photo or video that is sent back from each of the four 2nd classes. So, make sure to email some photos or videos to your teacher! ⭐

So, come on 2nd Class, let’s all get up, get out and get active!

3 cheers for Sports Day!! “Hip Hip… Hooray”. X3 
Ready, Set, GO!!             

Here are the details for “Virtual Sports Day” 2020!

Each activity and challenge can be done with/against brothers, sisters and any adult brave enough to take you on!! Why not extend the challenges to your friends and cousins through recordings!

Part One – Fun Activities

“READY?”… Here are some cool videos to get your Virtual Sport’s Day off to a good start! “SET?”…You need very little equipment for each activity. In fact, you should have most of the items needed at home. How many will you try?… “GOOOOO!” 🙂

Part Two – Short Challenges

Next up, we have these short challenges for you. Can you complete all four? Once again, you need very little equipment. Make sure to get an adult to take a short video or some photos and email them to your teacher. Good luck!!! 🙂

Part three – “Beat the Teacher” Challenge.

We have saved the best for last! Your challenge – should you choose to accept it – is to…. “Beat the Teachers”!! The 2nd class teachers have each set a little challenge for you…..Will you accept our challenges? Can you beat us!??
Oooooh, the competition is ON!!!

We would love to see snaps of you! Send them into us and we will add them to our June Gallery! 😉

Skipping Rhymes

Do you remember Ms. Mc Mahon’s advice for skipping?

Why not try some of these skipping rhymes?

They will make skipping even more enjoyable!

You could even send us a video of you skipping to one of these rhymes!

Do you have a cool game that you have learned before? Maybe it’s a traditional game played in other countries? If you do, we would love to hear all about it! You could make a short video to explain how to play it!


These Drama games below can really beat the boredom! Try them out to see what funny ideas you create together! Why not try them around the dinner table or on a car journey?! 🙂


Story- “Rain Before Rainbows” by Smithri Halls.

Rainbows have become the symbol of hope during this Corona Virus. This is an inspirational story that reminds us to keep hope alive. Better days will always arrive and friends will always help us. There may be rain, but there are rainbows! 🙂

Click on the picture to start the story.

Procedure- “Rainbow Tortilla Pizza”

How many colours of the rainbow can you use in your pizza? Follow the recipe below and maybe email a photo to your teacher.

Do you have a yummy recipe?

Maybe, it’s a recipe from another country?

We would love for you to share this recipe!

Email it to your teacher!

Drawing/ Writing Activity

Use the pages below to help you reflect on your year in 2nd Class. You can write about it or draw some pictures.


Emoji Code Breaking

Can you break the code?

Look at the example before you begin.

Use a sheet of paper for rough work.

Write your answers in your copy.

Email your answers to your teacher.

Can you make your own emoji code to test on a family member?


It’s your last chance to make it to the “Mathletics Hall of Fame”. You can click here to start earning more points. Click here to see the Top 10 Super-Mathletes for last week.

Mental Maths

You have reached your last week of Mental Maths! Woohoo!! This week, finish out on a high with the 10 daily questions on page 76 & 77.

Maths Game

Click on the picture below to start playing “Hit the Button”. Are you up for the challenge?!! How fast can you go?


Acts of Kindness

Kindness helps make everyone’s day a little happier. Below are lots of acts of kindness you can choose to do for someone in your life. Kindness can be carried out any day, any time and for anyone! Let’s spread a bit more happiness 🙂

6 – Art

After reading “Rain before Rainbows”, we would like you to create your own piece of art based on “Hope”. You can choose a line below (taken from the book) as a title for your piece. To help inspire you, we have included an example of one child’s piece of art based on the line ” Night before daybreak” .

Rain before rainbows, clouds before sun.

A day full of promise, a day full of light.

Night before daybreak, a new day’s begun.

The morning is breaking and the morning is bright.


Have a listen to this video below. The choir cleverly recreate a rainstorm, just by using their bodies! Give it a try. Why not teach friends and family?! How loud will your rainstorm become?


Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Beginning to realise what we have to be grateful for in our lives is part of having a happy attitude. Some people call it an “Attitude of Gratitude.”

There are lots of things that we are thankful for without realising.

Take a moment:What are you grateful for?

Can you complete all eight tasks in the scavenger hunt?

Email teacher with pictures of the task or other things you are grateful for.


Take a moment and think about all the good things in your life/day. These are the things you are thankful for. Take a few minutes to say “Thank You” to God for these things in your life. What would you like to thank God for? Write your own “Prayer of Thanks”.