2nd Class: 2nd June 2020

Hello on this June day!

Yes, June is upon us! Can we even believe it?!

We hope all remains well within your families at this stage and you all got to enjoy the sunny bank holiday weekend.

It was so lovely seeing you all and having a chat, however brief it may have been, on ‘Book Collection Day’ last week. Hearing an excited “Hello Teacher” greeting or sending a heartfelt wave to the children, watching us in their cars, served to brighten our day… just that extra little bit. 🙂

Remember, we are here to help with any struggles you may have, but also want to celebrate our student’s achievements… Will there be a “SuperMathlete” in 2nd class this week!? Which 2nd class student will it be? Keep watching our “Mathletics Hall of Fame”. A SuperMathlete space is waiting for YOU!!!!

Below, you can find a ‘Timetable of Work’ which you may follow. This is purely suggested for you and the children. Family life is family life!

Any message and photos of work may be sent to teachers via secondclasswork@scoil-bhride.com.

Sending our virtual waves to the children, 🙂

Ms. Lanigan, Ms. Fogarty, Ms. Mc Mahon, Ms. Martin, Mrs. Troy, Mrs. Kelly, Ms. Keyes.

Before you start your work each day, watch one of these videos…

Lego Challenge

We have a new challenge for you this week. Your task is to make a pencil holder from your Lego this week. If you do not have Lego, you can be as creative as you like. Make sure you email a photo to your teacher. See the pictures below for some ideas.

Suggested Timetable

1 – Animal Facts

This week, the choice is all yours. Pick one animal and write a report about it. Click on the picture below to get started on your research!

You can draw pictures and write facts or use the sheet below to help you write a report.

2 – Music

Have you seen our new “Music Generation” page on the website? Here, you will find ALL of the videos that Nuala has made especially for us. Which song will you choose to listen to? Click the picture to choose!

3 – English


Read the comprehension carefully and answer the questions into your English copy. See the timetable for suggested daily work.

Letter Writing

Write a letter to someone special to tell them about what you have been getting up to. It could be a grandparent, a cousin or even a friend. 💜


It is our last week of spellings in 2nd Class. Can you believe it? So far this year, you have learned 496 spellings in this book. It’s time for your last 16!

A big “Well Done” to everyone in 2nd Class for making a super effort with their spellings all year long! To celebrate, you can leave your test this week! 🙂

4 – Maths

Operations Maths

We are nearly at the end of your Operation Maths book. This year, we have learned so much in Maths. These two pages (122 & 123) are a small reminder of all the topics we covered. Try your best and use a whiteboard for your rough work.


You can click here to start earning more points. Make sure to check out the Mathletics Hall of Fame aswell! Click here to see the Top 10 Mathletes.

It was another great week for 2nd Class in the Mathletics Hall of Fame! Well done everyone!

Do you want to know a little secret? The trick is to earn lots of points in your Live Mathletics 🙂

Mental Maths

Are you ready for another week of super work in your Mental Maths? This week, do the 10 daily questions on page 70 & 71.

5 – Irish / Gaeilge

Tuesday & Wednesday

Thursday & Friday

Written activities

Now that you have your book again, it will be much easier to do your work. Watch the video each day before you do the page in your book.

6 – Science

Time for a Science Experiment!

Take some photos of your experiment and email them to your teacher. We would love to see your results.

7 – Religion

Inter- Religious Education Lesson

Video 1 & 2

After watching the two videos, complete the following tasks.

In your workbook, discuss pages 62 & 63

Write down 3 differences between the two religions.

Listen to the song “Baruch Atah”.

Talk about your own Religion and how to compares to these two religions.