2nd Class: 8th June 2020

Greetings from our “2nd Class Hub”,

We hope you are all still keeping well and in good spirits.

Below, you can find a ‘Guideline of Work’ which you may follow. This is purely suggested for you. It is not easy juggling everything and everyone in a family.

As we enter this 2nd week of June, we want to say “Wow, you guys are amazing!” to all the children still working at what they can each day. We are so heartened to see the completed activities reaching us regularly, some with a little personal greeting. It certainly is “WOW Work”! So, “thumbs up” to everyone. You are doing a super job.

Any message and photos of work may be sent to teachers via secondclasswork@scoil-bhride.com.

Ms. Lanigan, Ms. Fogarty, Ms. Mc Mahon, Ms. Martin, Mrs. Troy, Mrs. Kelly, Ms. Keyes

Before you start your work each day, watch one of these videos…

Lego Challenge

Well done to everyone that did the Lego challenge. You made very cool pencil holders! Your task this week is to make a house/ a room in a house with your Lego. If you do not have Lego, you can be as creative as you like. Make sure you email a photo to your teacher. See the pictures below for some ideas.

Suggested Timetable

1 – Music

It’s the start of a new week and that means new videos from Nuala. Click the picture below to find out what the new songs are!

2 – English


Read the comprehension carefully and answer the questions into your English copy. See the timetable for suggested daily work.


Pick one writing task each day. Be as creative as you like with your answers!

3 – Maths

Operations Maths

This week, all of your Operation Maths questions are about Area. Watch this video before you begin your questions.

Remember, when finding the area of a shape, we have to count the amount of squares it covers.

In your ‘At Home Book’, do page 45 and in your ‘School Book’, do pages 124, 125 & 126.


We really want to keep 2nd Class on the list for the month of June!
Are you up for the challenge this week? 🙂 You can click here to start earning more points. Make sure to check out the “Mathletics Hall of Fame” also! Click here to see the Top 10 Super-Mathletes.

Mental Maths

A big “thumbs up” to everyone on doing great work in their Mental Maths. Keep up the super effort! This week, do the 10 daily questions on page 72 & 73.

4 – Irish / Gaeilge

Monday & Tuesday

Wednesday & Thursday


Written activities

This week, do pages 96 & 97.

5 – Science

Light and Shadows

Read all about “Light and Shadows” below.

Task: How many of these animals shadows can you make? Email some pictures to your teacher!

6 – Art

This week, your task is to make a shadow drawing! You will need a sunny day to do it. See the pictures below for some ideas!

7 – Religion

Can you believe it? Our ‘Grow In Love’ book is finished. We have learned so many bible stories in 2nd Class. This week, watch the video of a new bible story -“Moses”.

Bible Story- Moses