3rd Class: 2nd June 2020

Hi boys and girls of 3rd class,

It was great to see so many of you on Wednesday when you came into school to collect your books. It made us realise how much we miss you all! You have all grown so much since we last saw you.

This week we have a lovely surprise for you all. We have decided to read and record a lovely novel called Ickabog for you, written by the famous author JK Rowling. You can listen to the first five chapters by clicking on the links. Listen carefully because we have some questions for you at the end of each chapter to see if you have been listening carefully. You will have to wait until next week to hear the next chapters. Can you identify which chapter your teacher reads?

We are delighted with the super effort that third class are making with their Mathletics!  Can you make the top ten in Mathletics this week? Remember there are lots of points to be earned from Live Mathletics also.

We look forward every morning to checking our emails and hearing from you. Don’t forget to keep in touch and send us back any work that you have done.

Use the following email address: thirdclasswork@scoil-bhride.com

This week you have no work assigned on Monday as it is a bank holiday so enjoy your day off in the sunshine!

Stay safe, keep well and remember to put on sun cream in this very warm weather!

Ms Lanham, Mr Wall, Ms Carroll, Ms Fleming, Mr Bartley, Ms McCarthy, Mr Mulligan and Mr Monaghan.

The Ickabog by J.K. Rowling

The Ickabog – Chapter 1
The Ickabog – Chapter 2
The Ickabog – Chapter 3
The Ickabog – Chapter 4
The Ickabog – Chapter 5

Suggested Daily Timetable

Below is a suggested timetable of work for each day. Hopefully, you will find it helpful.

Have you any good jokes?? We’d love to hear them.



 Tuesday + Wednesday

Alice in Wonderland comprehension is for Tuesday (Q. 1 – 4) & Wednesday (Q. 5 – 8)

Thursday + Friday

White Rhinoceros comprehension is for Thursday (Q.1 – 5) & Friday (Q. 6 – 10) 



Watch this video if you haven’t used Kahoot before.

Click here for this week’s quiz. Please, type in your full name instead of a nickname!

2 – Maths – Time

Watch these videos to help you with your Operation Maths activities on the topic of ‘Time’.

Operations Maths Book 

Activities on pages 46, 47 & 48


Click on the picture to sign into your account.

If you need any help with your Numeracy work, you can click the picture below. Also remember, your teacher is just an email away!

3 – Irish / Gaeilge

Watch the videos each day and listen to the conversation.





Workbook Activities on pages 130, 131, 132 & 134

4 – S.E.S.E – History

Topic: Maoris

Read the Maori fact cards and the History Quest pages. Then answer the questions in your copy.

Key Vocabulary from this chapter:

Aotearoa: The name given by the Maoris to New Zealand.

Extinct: No longer living.

Haka: A traditional Maori war dance.


1.Name the two large islands that make up New Zealand.

2. What does the word Aotearoa mean?

3. What is the national bird of New Zealand?

4. How do you think people felt when the Maoris did the Haka?

5. Who are the All Blacks?

6. How do you think the Maoris felt when they saw Abel Tasman and his ships trying to land on their island?

7. Unscramble these words from the chapter:




(iv) WIIK

5 – SPHE

We want you to take some time out and relax this week! Try some of these breathing techniques for a calm and peaceful mind.

6 – Religion

Watch the short video and read the Grow in Love pages below to learn about Judaism

6 – P.E

Have you completed any of Joe’s sessions this week? Click the picture below to look back on sessions.