Junior Infants: 8th June 2020

Dear parents,
We hope you and your children enjoyed last week’s activities. We have put together a new set of work for the coming week. As always, please just do what is manageable for your household and your child.
If you have any questions about the work, please do not hesitate to contact us by email – juniorinfantwork@scoil-bhride.com
We are so pleased with the huge amount of work that is being done at home during this time. We completely understand how stressful it is but from what we have seen from the work that has been sent in, you and your child are doing a fantastic job!! 
Please, let the children know we really miss them and we are thinking of them a lot.
Kind regards,
Junior Infants teachers. 

Suggested timetable

Below, you will find a daily timetable of work. Please remember, that this is only a suggested timetable. You do not have to complete all of the activities, but hopefully, you will find it helpful. Click on the picture to print the timetable.

Maths- Ordinal Numbers Art

Watch the following video. Line up some of your toys and email your teacher to tell them which toy is first and which toy is last!
Listen to the ordinal numbers song!

Maths – Number Rhyme

Say the rhyme and practise counting 1-5.

Maths – Measurement

Watch the video below and complete the activity mentioned at the end of the video.

Maths – Ready, Set, Bake!

Literacy – Recount Writing

Let’s do a Recount! 😊

Literacy- Free Writing

Try and write your own piece of Free Writing!

Literacy- Handwriting

Literacy – Tricky Words

This week, we ask you to please revise these tricky words:

To aid with the revision of the Tricky Words, there are some games below you can choose from, to play with your child.

Tricky Words Scavenger Hunt– Write the above tricky words on a sheet of paper. Then, write a few of these words on smaller pieces of paper and hide them in a room in the house. Call out one of the words from your sheet of paper. Your child can then go and search for it. When your child finds the word they colour the matching word on your sheet.

Listen to and sing along with this Tricky Word song.

Can you read the Tricky Words to match the mouse to the right block of cheese? You could also draw your own pictures and words.

Literacy; The -en Family

Hello boys and girls. This week we’re going to do some work on the -en family. Enjoy 😊

Gaeilge/ Irish

Watch the videos and listen to the conversations.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Listen to the song. Try to sing along.


Click on the pictures to read how to stay safe this summer around water. Have a go at some of the online games!

Online Games

Join Andy for some exercise on the beach and help the hermit crabs, fur seal and baby turtles to reach the sea.


Can you complete the sheet all about me? You could draw some things about yourself if you can’t print it!


Design a Water Safety Poster.


Watch the videos and sing along.

A message from Ms. Quinn & Ms. Cleary

From Ms. Quinn & Ms. Cleary

Phonics- Revision of letter “n” & Tricky Words

Click on the picture below to access lots of activities to practice Phonics and Tricky Words.

Maths – Number Games

Click on the picture to access some fun maths games!

Here are some cards you could print out to play a matching number game!