Let’s go fly a kite: Fly like a bird kite making workshop

As part of DCCI’s ‘Let’s go fly a kite’ programme join us for a series of live kite making workshops. Make sure you have a kite ready to take to the skies on 13th June 2020 as part of Cruinniu na nOg!

Learn how to make a bird shape kite using mostly materials that you already have at home with artist Gabi McGrath. This workshop explores the history and science of kite making and encourages participants to make their own unique version of it. Other designs, shapes and suitable materials will be also discussed at the session.

Let’s fly like a bird together!

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Materials List:

From every number you only have to have one of the items from the list. Don’t feel the need to purchase anything as we can definitely improvise from what is already available.

1. A/4 size paper /newspaper/ wrapping paper /parchment paper

2. glue stick / sellotape/ / PVA /electrical tape / gaffer tape

3. Bamboo skewers / Plant sticks (green)/ straws (plastic or paper)

Don`t worry if you don`t have any of these – Gabi will also show you how you can substitute them.

4. Crepe paper/ strips of light weight fabric/ ribbon/ strips of newspaper

5. Twine/ strong yarn

6. Scissors

7. Colouring pencils / felt pens