Senior Infants: 15th June 2020

Hi Girls, Boys, Mums and Dads,

Thank you for continuing with the school work. We understand that it is getting harder and harder to stay focused and interested, especially when the sun is shining!! We are nearly there!  We really enjoy looking at all your fantastic work and keeping in contact with you.

Please ask us any questions and feel free to contact us using the email address below.

Our email is:

  • Please use this to make contact with us if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s work.
  • You can also take photos of your child’s work and send it to us. Please include your child’s name and their teacher’s name on it.
  • You could include this information on the subject line at the top of the email.
  • We will then be able to correct it and give feedback.

We will be answering these emails on a daily basis, so please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Kind regards,

Senior Infants Teachers.

Suggested Timetable

Below, you will find a daily timetable of work. Please, remember that this is only a suggested timetable. You do not have to complete all of the activities, but hopefully, you will find it helpful. Click on the picture to print the timetable.

Literacy- Phonics Revision

Can you sound out each one of these?

ai, ay, a-e

oa, ow, o-e

ie, igh, i-e, y

ee, ea, or

ng, oo, oo

Th, th, oi, oy

ow, ou 

ue, ew, u-e

er, ir, ur, ar

Try to come up with one word for each sound!

Literacy- Reading

Click on the pictures to read these stories called ‘Pets on Vacation’ and ‘Secret of the Summer School Zombies’ with your child.

Literacy – Tricky Words

You can play the game or just read the words!

Literacy- Writing

Write an Acrostic Poem about your upcoming school holidays. Write about your school memories from this year & complete this All About Me Flower. Use these templates if you wish!

Literacy – Word Wizard

Word Wizard– Please complete any unfinished pages.

Literacy – Handwriting

Revision of the One Armed Robot Letter family of letters- r, m, n, h, b, k, p. Watch the following video first. Make sure you form the letters as demonstrated in the video – always start the letter from the top.
You can practise the letters by writing them in one of your copies.

Revision of Zig Zag Monster family of letters- v, w, x, z. Watch the following video first.
Make sure you form the letters as demonstrated in the video- always start the letter from the top.
You can practise the letters by writing them in one of your copies.

Numeracy- Counting

Edco have given out a free username and password for parents to access “Operation Maths for Senior Infants”.
Username – primaryedcobooks
Password – edco2020    

Some counting ideas for at home!

Count forwards 0-20 while jumping in the air!

Count backwards 20-0 while touching your toes!

Start at any number and get them to count on to 20.

Start at any number and count back to 0.

Pick a number between 0-20 and ask your child what number comes before and after.

Skip-counting in 2s- Say out loud- 2, 4, 6, 8, 10.


Complete the worksheets below (one per day). You can print them or just copy onto a page or copybook.



Log into your Mathletics account and complete the activities assigned.

We have a look each week to see how you are getting on and we assign a few new activities for you to do. Enjoy!

Once that is done, feel free to participate in ‘Mathletics Live’.

Click on the picture to sign in

Gaeilge/ Irish

Click on the videos below to hear the conversations and songs.

S.E.S.E – Science

Forces – Push and Pull. Watch the video below to understand what these forces do.

Pick out a number of toys that require a push or a pull movement.

Sort these toys into two groups; toys we push/toys we pull.

Discuss times when we use these two forces (apart from playing with toys) e.g. opening a door.

Explore how the shape of an object can be changed by forces (e.g. squashing). Use playdough to demonstrate these forces.

Complete this worksheet.

SPHE – Stay Safe

Revise the ‘Stay Safe’ program with your child.

Feelings – Discuss times when you feel safe and times when you feel unsafe.

Bullying – discuss what does bullying mean? What should you do if you feel that you are being bullied? What should you do if you see someone else being bullied?

Touches – What is a nice touch? (e.g. hug) What is a touch you don’t like? (e.g. slap)

Secrets – what is a good secret? (e.g a surprise party). What is a bad secret? (e.g if someone is stealing)

Strangers –What should you do if a stranger tries to talk to you or get you to do something?

Click on the picture below and pick 2/3 worksheets of your choice and complete them.


Keep Moving

If you have been enjoying keeping fit with Joe Wicks continue watching him every morning at 9 o’clock. (Monday – Friday).

RTE Junior have workouts which are only 10 minutes long. Click on the picture to try some episodes. They’re great fun and they’ll get everyone moving!


With chalk, go outside and create some summer fun. Here are some ideas! Don’t forget you can email your drawings to your teacher so we can put them in our class Art Gallery on the school website.


Listen and sing along to The Chicken Dance & Boom Chicka Boom!


The following video is called “Visiting the Graveyard”.

After watching this video – Discuss the following: Who have you lost? (friend, family member, a pet)
 What do you do to remember that person/pet? (visit their grave, go to church, say a prayer, talk about them). If you wish, you could write a letter to someone you have lost using the template below.