Senior Infants: 2nd June 2020

Hi Girls, Boys, Mams and Dads,

Thank you all for your continued hard work. The boys and girls are so lucky to be able to learn so much at home. Let’s hope the good weather continues so we can keep spending lots of time outdoors. We have lots more fun activities for you to do this week. Monday was a bank holiday, so we have just planned work for 4 days. All the little people need a break too.  Remember all the work is optional. We are sure the children are learning lots at home, even if it’s not always reading and writing.  Don’t forget to send us some work if you can. We love seeing what the boys and girls have been up to. Also send us your artwork so we can add them to our gallery wall! Take care!!

Please ask us any questions and feel free to contact us using the email address below.

Our email is:

  • Please use this to make contact with us if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s work.
  • You can also take photos of your child’s work and send it to us. Please include your child’s name and their teacher’s name on it.
  • You could include this information on the subject line at the top of the email.
  • We will then be able to correct it and give feedback.

We will be answering these emails on a daily basis, so please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Thanking you all!

Senior Infant Teachers


Suggested Timetable

Below, you will find a daily timetable of work. Please, remember that this is only a suggested timetable. You do not have to complete all of the activities, but hopefully, you will find it helpful. Click on the picture to print the timetable.

Literacy- Phonics er, ir, ur

Watch these Geraldine Giraffe, Alphablocks and Hello Carrie clips to practise the er/ir/ur sounds.

On Friday you could try the ‘Ur, ir, er’ song.

Write down 5 words that use each of these sounds.

Click on the picture to read ‘Surfer Girl’ to help practise the ‘ur, ir, er’ sounds.

Literacy- Reading

Click on the picture to read this story with your child. If your child has not read this story before, you could ask them to predict what the story might be about before you read it. Discuss who the author and illustrator is and what they do. Have a go at the wordsearch when you are finished reading!

If your child is a beginning or early reader, take turns reading with them using some of these strategies:

My Turn, Your Turn. You take turns reading a paragraph of a page.

Choral Reading. You both read at the same time.

Echo Reading. You read first and your child echoes the same sentence or paragraph you just read.

Act It Out. You act out the story together or pretend to be characters in the story and read the lines.

Read this poem by Kristen Smith

Literacy – Tricky Words

Complete the worksheet below or get your child to write down their sentence in a copybook. Focus on Capital letter, finger spacing and full stops.

Literacy- Writing

Write a poem about Summer. Use this template if you wish.  It is an acrostic poem. (The first letter in each line spells the word SUMMER)

Literacy – Word Wizard

Word Wizard– Please complete pages 102 & 103. (If your child has these pages already completed, please pick another two).

Literacy – Handwriting

 ‘Just Handwriting’  – Aa & Bb (if you have these pages done, choose another 2).
You can also practise these letters in your small handwriting book or in our copy.

Literacy – Oral Language/ Aistear

We are going to continue with “Summer” for both Aistear and Oral Language.

Look at the poster below with your child. Have a chat about the picture. Use the questions below to help.

Numeracy- Counting

Edco have given out a free username and password for parents to access “Operation Maths for Senior Infants”.
Username – primaryedcobooks
Password – edco2020    

Some counting ideas for at home!

Count forwards 0-20 while doing starjumps!

Count backwards 20-0 while doing high kicks!

Start at any number and get them to count on to 20.

Start at any number and count back to 0.

Pick a number between 0-20 and ask your child what number comes before and after.

Numeracy – Counting, Matching & Ordering

Click on the image below to play some games online!


Complete the following worksheets (one per day). You can print them or just copy onto a page or copybook


Log into your Mathletics account and complete the activities assigned.

We have a look each week to see how you are getting on and we assign a few new activities for you to do. Enjoy!

Once that is done, feel free to participate in ‘Mathletics Live’.

Click on the picture to sign in

Gaeilge/ Irish

Click on the videos below to hear the conversations and songs

S.E.S.E – Science

Watch this video clip all about Bees

Click on the picture to read this information book all about bees

Have a chat about what you have learned.
Write your own report about bees using this template to help.
(You don’t need to print this, just copy the headings into a copybook/page)

Listen to this story: The Very Greedy Bee

S.E.S.E – History

Click on the picture below to read all about the father of electricity – Michael Faraway

Try being a scientist like Michael Faraway by doing a simple science experiment.
Click on the picture and scroll down to try experiment 3; “The Fizzy Volcano”. It looks like messy fun!

It looks like messy fun!


Keep Moving

If you have been enjoying keeping fit with Joe Wicks continue watching him every morning at 9 o’clock (Monday – Friday).

RTE Junior have workouts which are only 10 minutes long. Click on the picture to try episodes 3 and 4- they’re great fun and they’ll get everyone moving.

Try practising this dance with the Go Noodle gang. Maybe you could do it with your family.  We would love to see some videos!!


Listen to ‘Sharing a Shell’ by Julia Donaldson. Draw or paint a picture of your favourite creature from the story. Don’t forget you can email your drawings to your teacher so we can put them in our class Art Gallery on the school website.


Listen to these songs and let children move imaginatively to the music.

R.E. – Baptism

Listen to the story.

Talk about choices; good choices and bad choices. Print the worksheet if you wish.

Morning Prayer- please revise at home each day.

Father in Heaven, you love me, you are with me night and day. I want to love you always, in all I do and say. I’ll try to please you Father. Bless me through the day. Amen.

Night Prayer- please revise at home each night.

God, our Father, I come to say, thank you for your love today. Thank you for my family, and all the friends you give to me. Guard me in the dark of night and in the morning send your light. Amen.

You can now log in to our school Religion programme by visiting use the email: and password: growinlove to access more.