Children’s Book Festival

The pupils from Ms. Downeys 3rd class took part in the Children’s Book Festival activities in association with Portlaoise library on Friday 8th October. The pupil’s got to attend an online zoom with the author Brianog Brady Dawson. The presentation comprised of a ‘character chat’, a book reading and exploration of the main character in another book. 

Finn Byrne and Tymoteusz Sean Baranowski gives us a report on the event – Brianog read two of her books, ‘Monster Toothbrush’ and ‘Granny’s Secret’ to us via zoom. Next she asked us to think about who Danny the main character hated the most. She told us she was writing books for the past twenty years and her first books were all about Danny. Danny is a very mischievous character. It was really good fun and all the class enjoyed it.