AumdGdFpM6Kexggo36cZc-aBm_YKlV54T9TLW3t62HVPScoil Bhríde offers its fifth and sixth class pupils the opportunity to join its choir under the instruction of Mrs. Carroll, Ms. Doheny and Ms. Hore and Ms. Carroll.

An exciting annual event is the Christmas Carolling. The choir visits the Tesco and Dunne’s Shopping Centres in Portlaoise for an afternoon of caroling, helping to get shoppers into the Christmas spirit. Each year it is a huge succes and the children can feel very proud of themselves

The choir also perform for the First Confession service in the church.Their presence always adds greatly to the solmenity of the occasion.

Mrs. Carroll loves to see new members join the choir. She is witness to new friendships forming through sharing a common hobby. In the words of Paul Mc Cartney:

“I love to hear a choir. I like the teamwork. It makes me more optimistic about the human race when I see co-operation like that.”

School Choir Carolling @ The Dunnes Stores Shopping Centre

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