Garden of 2014

May 16th 2014

Everything in the garden is now growing at fast rate! With the weather getting warmer with bursts of sunshine aswell as the days of rain….. its perfect weather! Unfortunately it is also perfect weather for the weeds and for the last week or two, the children have taken turns to weed the garden in a systematical way after school. They have been fantastic with regards to any work needed with the school garden and its been very enjoyable chatting with each other and working as a team.

Now that the potatoes have broken through the surface, there is no stopping them. Everyone is surprised at how much they have grown and how big they are getting! Also, the strawberries are looking great and it won’t be long till they are ready to eat. We even have one or two starting to turn red!

2014-05-16 15.27.42 2014-05-16 15.27.49 2014-05-16 15.36.20

2014-05-09 15.27.58 2014-05-09 15.28.16 2014-05-09 15.39.47

April 17th 2014

During the Easter holidays, Mr. Monaghan tended to the plants and kept them watered during the sunny couple of days we had during the first week of the holidays. the potatoes were beginning to sprout through the soil so they were recovered and two more sets of vegetables were planted in the remaining spaces; broccoli and parsnips. Our strawberries are even starting to flower now and thats a great sign as the flowers will turn into delicious strawberries! The path has been cleaned up with the removal of soil and weeds and a new layer of shredded bark put down by the children. There are a few weeds coming up these days so the children will have plenty of work to do on the garden when they come back from their holidays! Have a look at the progress to date:

20140415_152501 20140407_150954 20140417_145736 20140417_145748 20140417_145757







April 1st 2014

After school, a group of children from Mr. Monaghan’s 5th Class stayed back to help out with cleaning up and keeping on top of all the jobs involved with the garden. Since it was such a lovely day today, we painted our new sign as well as all the way around the wooden sides of the raised garden. We also kept up with the weeding and cleared the path, ready for the bark mulch that will form the new path. We hope everyone will like the changes!

20140401_151502 20140401_14475920140401_151456









March 14th 2014

With Spring time well and truly here and the first sign of some warm sunny weather, it was a great time to get the school garden up and running. Mr. Monaghan’s class with the help of Bilko planted 3 drills of ‘first early’ potatoes along with green and red lettuce, onions, scallions, cabbage and cauliflower! We even planted some strawberry plants to compliment our existing fruit section that includes our apple tree!

Below is a slideshow of planting up the garden.