Numeracy – Parent report

Dear Parent/Guardian,

At Scoil Bhríde N.S. School Self Evaluation is a continuous and ongoing process. It provides staff with an opportunity to reflect on and examine their practice with a view to bringing about improved teaching and learning.

We would like to share with you some findings from recent School Self Evaluation in Numeracy.


1    School Context

  • This is an urban, DEIS Band 1 school.images (2)
  • There are currently 756 pupils on roll. Upwards of 50% of these pupils are EAL.(English as Additional Language)
  • There are 51  teachers ( class and support teachers,  administrative principal, administrative deputy principal and HSCL teacher )
  • The school administers Sigma T standardised tests in mathematics from 1st to 6th class and The Drumcondra Early Numeracy Test in Senior Infants.
  •  Some School Self Evaluation methodologies used in our school include:
  1. Analysis of test results.
  2. Analysis of pupils’ written work.
  3. Questionnaires. (Teacher, Parent and Pupil).
  4. Focus groups.


2    Our school has strengths in the following areas:

Learner Outcomes:

images (1)

  • Sigma T results are close to national norms.
  • Teachers report competency in computational tasks.
  • Maths Recovery methodologies at 1st/2nd class impact positively on learning

Learning Experiences:

  • Pupils enjoy mathematics learning. 38% of fourth class pupils always enjoy maths.
  • Station teaching, team teaching and parallel teaching facilitate meaningful learning experiences.
  • Parents support pupil learning at 3rd class through involvement in Maths Eyes.


  • Teachers report using a variety of assessment of learning tools in mathematics..


3    The following areas are prioritized for improvement

  • The whole school focus for improvement is the area of problem solving in
  • Extend and further develop the Ready Set Go Maths in Junior and Senior Infants to facilitate collaborative problem solving
  • Staff have identified the need to utilize more the huge staff expertise in Maths Recovery (7 trained teachers). At 1st/2nd class level Maths Recovery methodologies will be implemented and evaluated. It is hoped to achieve this through modelling of lessons by trained Maths Recovery teachers. Following modelling of lessons, class teachers at first/second class level will engage in 5/6 week programmes of work which will incorporate Maths Recovery methodologies and strategies.
  • Teachers have identified the need to work on collaborative problem solving in classes 3rd – 6th, starting with pair work and extending this as appropriate to larger group work. Emphasis will be placed on the language of maths problem solving, and explaining and justifying your work to the teacher and peers.
  • Staff will emphasize and drill tables as they are fundamental to success in problem solving.


We see School Self Evaluation as a team effort to improve teaching and learning. As a parent/guardian your opinions and insights are valued in this process. We hope that your child continues to have a very good learning experience in our school.

Thanking you,

Mr. J. Fennell

(School Self Evaluation Coordinator)