Principal: Mrs. Wall-Coughlan
Deputy Principal: Mr. Fennell

Mrs   Deirdre   Delaney

Ms. Cleary
Ms. Delaney
Ms. Butler
Ms. Scully



Learning Support: Ms. Fogarty and Mr. Wall

Ms. N. Kelly
Ms. Dalton
Ms. Young
Ms. Mahon


Learning Support: Ms. Dunne and Mr. Wall

Ms. Lanham
Ms. Callanan
Ms. Meade
Ms. Moynan
Ms. Redmond


Learning Support: Ms. Hanafin / Ms. Lynam-Uys, Mr. Wall & Ms. Grennan

Ms. Martin
Ms. Toibin
Ms. Fleming
Ms. Fitzpatrick
Ms. Lanigan


Learning Support: Ms. S. Kelly / Mrs. Troy and Mr. Wall

Ms. Carroll
Ms. McElligott
Ms. Lanigan
Ms. C Carroll


Learning Support: Ms. Cuddy and Mr. O’Lionaird

Ms. Bulter
Mrs. M Thompson
Ms. L. Delaney
Ms. O’Sullivan


Learning Support: Ms. Hayes and Mr. O’Lionaird

Ms. McCarthy
Ms. Dwan
Ms. Dalton
Ms. Gorman


Learning Support: Ms. Conlan and Mr. O’Lionaird

Mr. McEvoy
Ms. Ozenbrook
Ms. Downey
Ms. Burke


Learning Support: Mr. Butler and Mr. O’Lionaird

Ms. Dowling
Mr. Coughlan
Ms. Cronin
Ms. Delaney

Ms. Kennedy
Mr. Kearns
Ms. Ryan
Ms. Quinn

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