Teachers/ Special Needs Assistants

Principal: Mrs. M. Wall-Coughlan
Deputy Principal: Mr. J. Fennell

Ms. E. Fogarty
Ms. T. Callanan
Ms. K. Downey
Mrs. O. Mahon


SET : Ms. L. Hyland

SNA’s: Ann O’Rourke, Mairead Ramsbottom, Kate Martin


Ms. R. Conroy
Mrs. A. Phelan
Ms. E. Cleary
Ms. F. Dunne


SET : Ms. C. Cuddy , Ms. C. Fitzpatrick Ms. D. Fleming and Ms. L. Hore (EAL)

SNA’S: Mary Lewis and Lorraine Cuddy

Mrs. C. Carroll

Ms. C. Troy
Ms. K. Brophy
Ms. Ms. J. Doheny
Ms. H. Moynan



SET : Ms. Lynan Uys/Mrs. Sile Kelly, Mr. R. Carroll, Ms. J. Lanigan (EAL)

     SNA’S: Aine Whelan, Owyln Kilcare- Donoghue and Eimear Delaney-Doheny

Ms. J. Bartley
Ms. L. Fitzpatrick
Ms. A. Butler
Ms. M. Delaney


SET:  Ms. D. Martin, Ms. G. Phelan and Ms. A. Lanigan (EAL)

                SNA’S: Mairead Ramsbottom and Kate Martin


Ms. D. Ryan
Ms. C. Carroll
Ms. J. McMahon
Ms. R. Fitzpatrick

                                                 Ms. A. Dowling


SET : Ms. M. Kennedy/Ms. S. Ozenbrook, Ms. T. Hanifan/Mrs. N. Kelly, Ms. A. Lanham and Mr. T. Mulligan (EAL)

SNA’S: Aine Whelan, Mairead Ramsbottom, Owyln Kilcare- Donoghue and Ann O’Rourke.

Ms. H. Keogh
Mr. C. Lowry
Ms. S. Brennan
Mr. B. Wall



SET : Ms. I. Redmond, Ms. C McElligott and Mr. P. Butler (EAL)

 SNA’S: Mary Lewis, Aine Whelan, Owyln Kilcare- Donoghue  Suzie Birrane and Eimear Delaney-Doheny


Ms. L. Delaney
Ms. E. Dunphy
Ms. A. Moran
Mr. N. Stapleton


Ms. M. Byrne


SET : Ms. S. O’Sullivan, Mr. S. Hyland, Ms. S. Scully (EAL)


Ms. E. Quinn
Ms. M. Meade
Ms. H. Byrne
Ms. N. Dwane and Ms. E. Slattery



SET : Mrs. S. Burke, Mr. M. McEvoy and Ms. A. Smith (EAL)

                 SNA’S: Lorraine Cuddy and Kate Martin

Mr. N. Dennehy

Ms. S. Diaz
Ms. C. Brogan 
Ms. F. Delaney
Mrs. M. Delaney
Ms. M. Toibin




Ms. L. Ryan

Ms. L. Cananvan

SNA’S: Olive Conroy, Katie Gaughan, Mary Paula Petriew and Marion Doheny

Supply Panel

Ms. D. Delaney, Ms. E. Thompson, Ms. G. Lalor




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