Saint Bridget’s Crosses

By Nanette, Kinga and Nana

Last Friday the 27th of January, the 5th classes made St. Bridget Crosses. We made them from wheat. The wheat was wet so it wouldn’t break when you bend it. Melanie, out teacher for the day, came from Clare to instruct us how to do it!

First, we had to take 16 pieces of straw. Then we had to sort them from smallest to biggest. We got the smallest piece of wheat to start and picked another piece to bend it and place it at 90 degree angle to the first straw of wheat. Then we kept on going clockwise with each new piece of wheat. When we finished we had to put elastic bands (small) around the arms. Finally we trimmed the end of the Cross. When all of this was complete, we tied a string at the top of the Cross and got to bring them home.

A strand of wheat

Various types of St. Brigid’s Crosses made in different parts of Ireland