2nd Class

Welcome to our page!

Second Class teachers would like to welcome you all to our class page. 

Class Teachers for school year 2023-2024

Ms. Butler, Mr. J. Bartley, Ms. M. Delaney, Ms. A. Young  and Ms. L. Fitzpatrick

Support Teachers

Ms. A. Lanigan ( EAL) Ms. Martin and Ms. G. Phelan

Ms. Lauren Fitzpatrick (2nd)

Internet Safety week- Ms. Delaney 2nd

Internet Safety Week- Ms. Fitzpatrick’s 2nd

Gymnastics Gold

Well done to Keeva Duff who won a gold medal in Gymnastics yesterday. The competition was held in Mountmellick Club. Keeva has been doing gymnastics for the past 3 years.

Ms. L. Fitzpatrick 2nd

Looking very spooky in Ms. L. Fitzpatrick’s room today.

Ms. Brennan 2nd class

Looking spooky in Ms. Brennan’s 2nd class today. Well done all

Mr. Bartley Second Class

Fantastic Halloween effort in Mr. Bartley’s room. Well done teachers and children.

Ms. Brennan- 2nd

Making some spooky Halloween potions. Looking great. Well done to all the children and to Ms. Brennan.

Mathletics Champions 2021

Last Month, Mathletics held a worldwide competition for one week to see which school could practice their LIVE Mathletics the most. The great news is that Scoil Bhride finished in

R.T.E.Home School Hub

Here is the schedule for the R.T.E. Home school hub for this week. Please have to look as there may be something of interest to you. RTÉ Home School Hub