Board of Management


The essential function of the Board of Management is to ensure effective educational management and provision in the school. The Board of Management provides a management and support structure which will enable the principal and staff to achieve the aims and objectives of the school, on a day to day basis. The board ensures the accountability of the school to parents and to students as well as to the Department of Education.

Structure of the Board of Management: 2023 – 2027

A ‘Core-Board’ is appointed which consists of:

1208980* Two nominees of the patron: Msgr. J. Byrne PP ,  Niall Kavanagh (Chairperson)

* Two parents elected from parents of students attending the school:  Ms. Denise Swayne & Mr. Gerry  Farrell

* One teacher elected by the school teaching staff: Ms. Irene Redmond

* The school principal, appointed ex officio: Mrs. M. Wall-Coughlan.

* Rep. from the wider community: Ms. Mary Delaney and Mr. Tony Ryan

The ‘Core-Board’ having discussed the responsibilities of the board, in accordance with agreed criteria, for the effective management of the school will propose two members from the wider community, agreed unanimously by the ‘Core-Board’ to the patron for appointment:

The Board of Management is appointed for a period of four years.

A list of members of the Board of Management is also available from the school Secretary.

The chairperson of our Board of Management is Mr. Niall Kavanagh

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