Talking About Secrets With Derek

Today we talked about what comes when we think about ‘secrets’. There are good secrets and there are worrying secrets. Derek asked us what feelings we think when we hear about good secrets. Happiness, joy, excitement, curiosity and trust were all things that came to mind for good secrets. Worry, terrifying, under pressure, depression and fright were all things that came to mind for worrying secrets.

We discussed a story that Derek said to us. There was a part of the story where the main character had to go the long way or the short way which she was told NOT to go through because it was a dump where shady men hung out in. She was late for rounders training and it was the day that her trainer was choosing the team. She went through the dump and a man stopped her and said “If you don’t come with me I will take you to the police!”, she ran for it and he ripped her jacket and nearly caught her. We talked about if she would’ve kept if as a secret and dumped the jacket or if the man would’ve searched for her around the town and followed her. Derek said that you should never keep a worrying secret to yourself and that you should always tell a trustful adult about your worrying secrets.