Technology and Internet Usage


Parental/Guardian Responsibility Regarding Technology and Internet Usage.


Click here to read the Internet Acceptable Use Policy at Scoil Bhride – 2018-19


October 2018

Dear Parent/Guardian,


At Scoil Bhride N.S. we strive to ensure that ‘Our school is a happy, caring, safe and creative community where we actively seek to understand, accept and respect each individual.’ (School Vision Statement). School policies and the implementation of various programmes and initiatives all contribute to making our school a place of happiness, care, safety and creativity for our pupils.

Parents/Guardians have an important role and key responsibilities in ensuring pupil safety around internet and technology

We now live in an era where children are exposed to technology and digital media from a very early age. Many young children are very adept and skilled in using technology. However, sometimes technology can be used in very damaging ways. There are apps, games and websites currently in vogue which may pose potential danger to your child. Last year at a day organised in school for senior pupils around appropriate use of technology, it was reported that pupils were using inappropriate apps and games at home eg Grand Theft Auto. There is a strong onus and responsibility on all parents/guardians to be vigilant regarding technology and internet usage. It is the responsibility of all parents/guardians to:

  • Constantly monitor their child(ren)s use of technology and social media. This means checking phones, social media website, apps and games and continuously supervising usage. Parents/Guardian should know who their child(ren) is/are communicating with and should be fully aware of what is being shared/sent/posted on social media sites 


  • Ensure that children do not have access to phones and other equipment in their bedrooms. All equipment must be kept in a secure place at night.


  • Ensure that Images/Recordings captured at school events by parents/guardians are used and shared in an appropriate manner. Parents/Guardians should seek consent of other parents/guardians before posting images/recordings of children other than their own on social media platforms

We hope and expect that all parents/guardians will be responsible around these key areas.  By working in partnership together, we can ensure that our school is a happy, caring and safe place. We owe it to all our pupils.


P.S. We have organised a seminar for all parents/guardians of Scoil Bhride N.S. on Internet Safety for Thursday November 15th 2018 at 7 pm in the school hall. This session will be facilitated by Zeeko who are experts in the field of Internet Safety. See