Springtime for the Birds!

The Birds are busy building their nests.

Have a look at the webcams! Click on pictures!

They build a nest, lay eggs and hatch the eggs.

Eventually the baby birds grow and leave the nest.

Over the next few weeks keep an eye before the nests are empty again until Spring 2021!

Great tit
White Stork
Tawny Owl

Just click HERE for lots of webcams of Birds.

Wait for the Webcam to load!

The Birds – 

The Great Tit – Netherlands – very common in Ireland

The White Stork – Netherlands.

The Bluebird – Maryland USA. (Click on the Bird Box. Needs Flash) 

(Nothing happening as yet. Nice videos on site. Note – 5 hours earlier than us!)

The Osprey – Scotland. (Click on image above)

The Tawny Owl  – Netherlands

The Peregrine Falcon – Netherlands. 

The Jackdaw  – Netherlands  – very common  in Ireland

Dublin Zoo webcams!