Green School – Marine Week

Well done to all the children involved in Marine Week this week. Especially to Ms. Burke and the Green Team.

We recently had Carmel Madigan visit the school.  Carmel is an artist, natural researcher and author of two natural history books on flora and marine biodiversity.  We are currently working towards getting the green flag Global Citizenship Marine Environments and these visits from Carmel really helped us with this. 

Carmel worked with some children from Senior Infants, 2nd Class, 3rd Class, 4th Class, 5th Class and 6th Class.  She shared her knowledge of the Irish seashore with us.  We learned lots about the flora and fauna that can be found on Irish beaches and in the seas surrounding our country.  Carmel showed us how to draw some of these beautiful plants and animals.  There are some beautiful displays of this Art work around the school.  Have a look at some examples of our work with Carmel.