Living History Project in Junior and Senior Infants

Story-Telling in Junior and Senior Infants:

Past pupils of our school; who now have children themselves in either Junior or Senior Infants came to the classroom to share their memories of their primary school years.

After the parents told their story, the children got to ask lots of questions and also recorded their favourite part of their stories through art work.

Story 1:

Umar’s Mam Emma planted a tree when she was at this school.

Emma and Umar 2The school and the treeThis is the school and the tree


Story 2: 

Sara’s Mam Gemma loved sports at school.

Gemma and SaraGemma playing football and teacher is helping me doing nursery rhymesIn the hall doing P.E.


Story 3: 

Leon’s Mam Harriet told us about how the school has changed over the years.

Harriet and LeonWe got more and more buildings


Story 4:

Cian’s Dad Eoin loved playing basketball when he was at this school and we love playing hopscotch now.

Cian and EoinEoin playing basketball and I am playing hopskotch


 Story 5: 

Eddie’s Aunties Cathy and Tina told us about their time in the classroom in our school.

Cathy, Tina and EddieThey had no whiteboards only blackboardsIf children were bold they had to go to the principal's office


Story 6:

Brooke’s Mam Katie told us about a lovely school tour she went on to Dublin Zoo.

Katie and BrookeShe went to the zoo on a school tour


Story 7:

Abbie’s Mam Emily loved playing with her friends in school.

Emily and Abbie 2DSCF3949


Story 8:

Lucas’ Mam Lisa played hopscotch in school and we still play this game too! She also remembers when the school had only one prefab.

Lisa and LucasLisa played hopskotch and we still play it tooJust one building and one prefab when Lisa came to this school