Celebrating a local legend, Col. James Fitzmaurice

Today the 6th classes had a lovely visit from a local historian and author, Mr. Teddy Fennelly, and a member of the Irish Air Corps, Lieutenant Aidan Higgins to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the first east to west transatlantic flight. 

Lieut. Higgins spoke to us all about his time in the Air Corps.  He told us about his training and his day to day duties as a member of the Air Corps.  He was so interesting to listen to and answered all the questions that the children asked him. 

After Lieut. Higgins was finished speaking, Teddy Fennelly spoke about Portlaoise legend Col. James Fitzmaurice, who was a co-pilot on board the famous flight in 1928.  Col. Fitzmaurice, along with two Germans, was hailed a hero for making the miraculous journey across the Atlantic Ocean on an airplane called the Bremen. 

There is an exhibition on in the Dunamaise Theatre which celebrates the life and accolades of Col. Fitzmaurice and we are planning a visit this week.