A Look Back on 2018 in 5th Class

Ogham Stones

In September 5th class  were making Ogham Stones out of clay. We decided to make Ogham Stones because we were learning about them in history while studying The Celts. Mr O’lionaird  helped us alot throughout this activity.  Firstly, we made oblong shapes out of the clay. Next, we carved our names along the side using Ogham alphabet. Lastly, we painted them to look like rocks. All the Ogham Stones looked so well when they were finished.

Fabric Art

Ms Dowling’s 5th class made creative fabric people based on the theme The Normans. It was great fun exploring different ways to complete art using different materials and instruments. We learnt about the different types of fabrics and materials we could use to create our masterpieces. It was so much fun and intresting. We really recommend this as a class activity.

Christmas Art

In November we made really cool reindeer’s just using the outline of a reindeer and our pencils. To make the reindeer’s we had to come up with a different design for each section from circles, to squiggly lines to even little drawings. We didn’t need any colours as it was all completed just using our pencil. However, we did attach a hat and sunglasses using our colours. Each reindeer showed off each child’s creative ability, each being unique.

In December Ms Dowling’s 5th class made Christmas cards for people we cared about. We were given lots of different materials to create our Christmas cards from felt pens, to baubles, glitter and stickers to name but a few. It was great seeing all the different designs that people came up with. Some of us worked in pairs while others worked alone. We had to let the cards dry for a day. When they were dry we wrote our message in them and then delivered them to the person they were for. M

By Vicky and Zuzanna