Our Marine Science Fair

On the 6/2/19 around noon, fifth class attended a marine science fair. We learnt a lot and it was full of interactive things to touch and see. The marine biologist talked about marine science above and below land. This program was for 4th and 5th classes and we really enjoyed it.

At station 1 there were bones to see. Backbones of whales and dolphin bones. We all got to see and touch the bones. We were told the weight and where they came from. One of the bones (a whale’s jaw bone) weighed 25kg. That’s a lot!

At station 2, we learnt that coffee cups that were previously made out of plastic can actually be made out of seaweed. Plastic cups are sometimes thrown into the ocean which cause pollution. This makes some of the most beautiful oceans and seas polluted. At station 2, we also saw a old, brass helmet used to explore the underworld years ago. Some people even got to wear it. It felt heavy on your shoulders. We wondered how people used to wear it.

At station 3, there were two microscopes that we could look through. When looking inside you could see plankton, which is invisible to the naked eye if we were to look for them in the sea. Unfortunately, it was discovered that plankton were eating plastic which has polluted our oceans and seas.

At station 4, we learned about how when you put shells to your ear you can hear the sounds from the ocean. The shells were various sizes and were smooth in some places but gritty in others. In fact some shells were misshaped.

At station 5, we learned about the equipment the marines use such as nets to fish and testing the pollution in the water.

We really enjoyed this visit and learnt so much. It was fun and enjoyable too!

By Aoife and Callum