STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths. This week was engineering week from the 4th-8th of March. On the 5\3\2019 all the 4th and 5th classes went to Portlaoise College for Engineering Week. We did loads of cool experiments such as little explosions, taste tests and we also made some ice-cream without using a freezer.

During the taste test a girl in our class had to drink a mixture that had coco powder and chili in it. YUK!!

Another girl made ice-cream by mixing ice and salt. To make ice-cream you have to mix milk with the coco powder. With the flavor you want put the mixture into a plastic bag then put the bag into the salty ice and start to shake it for about 2 mins and then you have ice-cream.

A little explosion was made with a plastic bottle. We put gas into the bottle and filled it up with some air and the lady let go of the bottle and it nearly hit somebody because it had bounced off the wall.

We really enjoyed Engineering Week, we had so much fun and our class loved it. I bet any class would love to Engineering Week as much as we did.

Thanks for reading our post.

By Brooke and Ugne