School Census 2013

5th class decided to take a school census as a fun, innovative way of studying fractions, decimals, percentages and graphs as well as emphasising the importance of good public speaking!

Starting off the children had to learn what a census actually was and why they take place! They were really interested in the history of the census and loved looking back at Ms. Burke’s family census from 100 years ago!

After the children learned what a census was they decided on the questions and information that they wanted to collect from the rest of the school and these were collated together to form our very own census!

Before going to other classes as census enumerators the classes had to practise how to deliver a census and learned the importance of good manners when entering other classrooms as well as clear speech, clear questioning and careful counting!

The children took a census among 5th class first and picked up lots of tips about what they should and should not do when going to the other classes. This also helped them pick out the most suitable questions.

The children were put into small groups and each group went to a different class to deliver the census. They were excellent enumerators and did their jobs efficiently and successfully!

We now have our findings and have started showing the information on bar graphs which the children are making themselves. We also hope to show this information through fractions, decimals and percentages.

We have learned a lot about the children in this school from this census as well as finding it to be a fun and interesting way of doing Maths!

For a look at what questions that were asked in the Census…….click here — 6th of December Census

Graphs showing the results will be put into a gallery over the next week or two so keep an eye out!

representing data Ms. D   Census 2Census

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