Mathletics in Scoil Bhride

4th,5th and 6th Class have decided to trial a new Maths Program using Mathletics in the classroom and for homework. It is hoped it will help to engage all the children in Maths in school and at home for the year. It is one of the ways in which the teachers are trying to make Maths more enjoyable for the children and for each and every child to be challenged at their level. This week, teachers will be handing out individual login details for all the classes and we would like to encourage your child to use it as much as possible during the month.

Below…… we have included ways in which you could help/encourage your child at home while using Mathletics!


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 MATHLETICS for TABLETS? Click below to download the app…

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• Take an active role in your child’s mathematics progress.

• Encourage your child to use Mathletics 3 to 5 times a week.

• Encourage a balance between the Full Curriculum section and Live Mathletics.

• Take time to work together with your child. The Support Centre in each activity will help show how to solve a particular problem.

• Encourage your child to do activities that challenge, rather than those he/she finds easy.

• If the Course is too difficult or too easy, then change to a more appropriate Course.

• Celebrate your child’s successes. Print the Certificates out and put them on the fridge!