5th Class Engineering

Written by Kinga Skwara

For the past 4 weeks, 5th class have been doing Engineering every Friday with Mr.Z. Each class worked on building Roller-Coasters made from foam powered go-karts and Magnetic Go-Carts. Mr. Z explained everything to us but the less he said, the better we did! Everyone had an opportunity to bring their parents with them. Mrs. Delaney told everyone she would like to see Dads coming in since we had activities with Moms last year. The equipment we usually used were axles, big and small wheels, tape and a board that Mr. Z made himself to make the go-kart called a PIE- (Platform of Innovative Engineering). We had around 10 minutes to construct the go-karts and then every team had a race to see who had made the best performing one. It was so much fun.