Mr Z brings rollercoasters of fun to Scoil Bhríde!

Scoil Bhríde are delighted to welcome Mr Z back for another course of making Science fun!! 

5th classes will be working with Mr Z over a 4 week period to learn the practical (and fun!) application of science.  

This week, the children learned about Kinetic Energy.  (Any moving object has kinetic energy).  

The children worked in groups to create rollercoasters that provided enough scope for the kinetic energy of a marble to successfully travel through and land in the paper cup…..but things got trickier, more fun and much more competitive when the task was stepped up to include hills, loops and dips!!

The children had great fun and there was a competition at the end to see which team had most successfully provided the correct conditions for  the kinetic energy of the marble to create the sounds of “sweet success”!

We would sincerely like to thank the parents who have volunteered their time to take part in these classes with their children! 

We look forward to next week when the children will be making go-karts in teams with their parents…..we’ll keep you posted so be sure to pop back for a look!! 

Here are some action shots from Ms McCarthy’s class…..