Parent Teacher Meetings 2018-19

Parent Teacher Meetings 2018-19

The school welcomes and recognises the importance and value of parents/guardians in education. We seek to promote ways in which parents can be actively involved and informed on all aspects of your child’s education. 
To facilitate this formal Parent Teacher Meetings take place each year in November for all classes. These meetings last 10 minutes.



Parent Teacher meetings will take place on the week of November 19th 2018.

The schedule for meetings is as follows:

                                    Date                              Classes
                        Monday Nov 19th 2018                  Junior & Senior Infants
                       Tuesday Nov 20th 2018                      First & Second Class
                  Wednesday Nov 21st 2018                      Third & Fourth Class
                   Thursday Nov 22nd 2018                        Fifth & Sixth Class

Meetings will take place between 2 :15 and 5 pm. All meetings will be held in the school hall. In order to facilitate the smooth running of meetings, no children will be allowed in the school during meetings.