Aztecs Radio Special

6th class have been busy over the last month learning all about the Aztecs. They decided to make a radio programme to tell us how the Aztecs lived long ago! Each class split into groups and recorded a programme to entertain us with their interesting facts and discoveries!

Ms. Downey’s Class

Aleks-Alyson-Lukas-L.-Alesha- The History Show on “The Aztecs”
Lucy-Piotr-Bara-Tom-Sidakpreet- Everything About The Aztecs
Mia-Bobby-Lasko-Ryan- Keeping Up With the Aztecs
Zuzanna-Divine-Richmond-Kevin-Dylan- The Aztecs

Ms. Burke’s Class


Ms. Ozenbrook’s Class

Blessing-Divine-Cezar-Juilan- The Beginning of the Aztecs
Conor-Kayleigh-Ananaszja- The Aztec Gods
Erikas-Savannah-Michael- The Clothes Of The Aztecs
Jake-Mariya-Nickola- The Aztecs Schools
John-Oran-Darragh- Weapons of The Aztecs
Sam-Abigal-David-A.-Megan- The Start of the Aztecs