Lego – Coding

Every Wednesday, for six weeks, all classes from 5th got the opportunity to work with Lego through coding.

Week One

We were all so excited to find out what coding was. We made a cool windmill that moved. Near the end of the lesson we had some time left so we dismantled our windmill and made a snail. He could not move but he made cool sounds and flashed different colours. We really enjoyed the day and look forward to the coming weeks.

Week Two

We made a Milo Stage One. He was so cool. When everyone had completed making Milo we all had the opportunity to add our own style to our design. We then raced them against one another. Claire and Aoife’s creation won the race.

Week Three

This week we made a Milo Stage Two. This time Milo had a motion sensor. Along with making Milo again and adding the motion sensor to him we also had to make a flower pot. Anytime this flower pot was put in front of Milo he would stop before crashing into it.

Week Four

Our creations are getting a little more difficult each week! This time we made a vehicle that pulled a large, green rectangle that resembled a trailer. We were all finished making this weeks creation we raced them again. Some people discovered that the more weight their creations carried the slower they became.

Week Five

We made an awesome helicopter. It did not fly, but it did pull up a panda. This creation was the most difficult to make and required the most amount of work. Some groups didn’t even get to make the helicopter because they ran out of time.

Week Six

Week six was the best week because we got to choose what we made. We loved this experience as it allowed us to be really creative and combine everything we had learnt over the previous weeks. We hope its here for future classes.

By Claire and Erin