3rd Class Bodhrán Lessons

3rd classes this year have been enjoying a massive treat for the last number of weeks. The incredibly talented Dale McKay has been taking the children for bodhrán lessons once a week.

It’s amazing how much they have learnt already. They know the correct names for the different parts of the instrument as well as several different beats already! Dale has introduced the children to traditional Irish music and has injected so much fun and enjoyment into learning a new instrument. They’re making connections between their beats and music they hear, identifying different instruments that are synonymous with Irish music, hearing about some household names in Irish music and enjoying the odd performance from Dale when he shows them just how incredible and adaptable bodhrán playing can be. He has dropped beats that have left mouths and eyes wide open with wonder!

Some of the children are enjoying it so much that Santa was asked to bring some bodhráns this year! The children are loving these lessons and we expect a few will continue to pursue this new interest and talent after school lessons finish.

Video and photos from Ms Lanham’s 3rd class below…..