Junior Achievers Programme

Mrs Conlan’s 5th class took part in the Junior Achievers Programme organised and run by Northern Trust and its employees.  The programmes are tailored to each class level and their needs.  The idea is to bring practical life and business skills into the classroom so that the children begin to understand the importance of staying in school, completing their education and getting a job that they enjoy when they become adults.  This is done by focusing on a particular subject area in each programme and bringing it to life for the children through various games and activities. 

The coordinator in Mrs Conlan’s class, was Alan Glass.  The project was based around Science and bringing the practicalities and uses of it into the classroom in a fun and engaging way for the children.  

Below, you will see a few photographs of the children engaging in the various activities they took part in over the three day course;

  • They made periscopes and examined the reflection of light as well as exploring mirror writing.  
  • They became detectives when they were provided with various clues and materials to investigate the who stole Maggie’s €10,000 necklace, using ink samples and chromatography paper.  
  • They learned about the structure of bones and the importance of calcium in the diet.  
  • They learned about the circulatory system and worked in groups to create an advertisement promoting a healthy heart.  
  • They explored renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.  
  • They completed an energy rating on their current prefab classroom and compared it to the new school.  

The course made enthusiastic scientists out of this 5th Class!!!!